Plymouth Bay Orthopedics | Wayfinding Signage Plymouth, MA

Wayfinding Systems | Design Elements to Use

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Wayfinding Systems | Design Elements to Use Designing effective wayfinding systems and signs is crucial to most business owners, city planners, interior designers, architects, planning committees and more. Proper wayfinding allows for a smooth patron experience and in most cases is critical for the end-user to have the desired experience. For example, if you own…
Post Office Square Wall Sign, Plymouth MA 02360, smalt background with gilded letters

History 101: Smalt Signs

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The year is 1540, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado’s expedition sets off from Mexico in search of the 7 cities of Cibola, and the first recorded race meet in England took place at Roodee Fields in Chester. And around that time, several people have suggested that Christian Schiirrer, discovered the use of smalt. However, there is evidence…
Steel 'N Time Boat Lettering Decal, print and mount, transom lettering

Signs 101: Boat Lettering

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We all like the warm summer days where we can go to the beach and dip a toe into the water, or the fishermen who walk along the canal catching cod. For some of us though it means we can tilt the motor down and go for a small trip around the bay. However, there…
Court Street Bistro, painted pvc blank with real gold vinyl lettering, blade sign, Plymouth MA

History 101: Blade Signs

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As I walk down Court Street here in our beautiful town of Plymouth, I can either continue to look at my phone (to catch that Pikachu) and hope that people will move out of my way, or I can look around and see the many different signs that surround me. The sign which hangs perpendicular…
Certus Biomedical, 3 dimensional lettering, 3D, metal, on blue wall,

Signs 101: Office Interior Signage

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It’s your Monday morning meeting. Your brain hasn’t completely switched on till you have had your second cup of coffee. You are only halfway through the first mug when your boss looks at you and asks for you to come up with a way to make the office look more “corporate”. You nod like you…
Merci Bleu Quartboard with light blue buffalo as ends

History 101: Quarterboards

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Let me take you back in time. The year is 1815. The battle of Waterloo happened where the British forces defeated Napoleon and the French, the US Library of Congress is re-established after a fire with Thomas Jefferson’s 6,500 volumes and the world’s first commercial cheese factory established in Switzerland. Ahh, the simple times. It…

Our Favorite Sign Project in 2012? The Lanes at Mashpee Commons!

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We had the great opportunity to work on The Lanes, a bistro and boutique bowling alley at Mashpee Commons. Why was it our 2012 favorite?  It presented a challenge and used all the skills Zebra Visuals has to offer.  The variety of media was fun as well, wall murals, vinyl lettering, dimensional letters and an…

Yes, Virginia, There are Fabric Signs

Yes, Virginia, There are Fabric Signs Fabric signs make a beautiful statement whether hanging in a window, against a wall or in the middle of a space. The texture and movement of the fabric adds additional interest as well. Fabric also allows for oversized graphics where weight might be an issue. They go up and…

Outdoor Signs – The Seven Word Rule

There has long been a Seven –Word rule used by designers of outdoor advertising. It is about all one can process in the few seconds of viewing one has as driving by. It’s critically important that a sign’s essential message be seven words or less and be more powerful than any other copy that may…