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Boat Lettering

It’s no coincidence that Zebra Visuals’ studio is in a marina.

We love working alongside the water and sun, fishermen and sailors, and boats and ships.

If you own a boat, no doubt there’s a story behind its name. Perhaps it honors your mother, daughter, or other special someone. Maybe it’s a saucy statement or romantic notion. Fishing terms and professional endeavors are popular inspirations, too. Tell us your story, and we’ll put it on your boat.

Steel 'N Time Boat Lettering Decal, print and mount, transom lettering

What kind of boat lettering stands out in the harbor?

At Zebra Visuals we are experts at boat lettering that looks great and is ready when you need it. Your boat will come out exactly as you wish, or we’ll do it again. (And we don’t like having to do it again!) Our letterers:

  • Have the skilled, steady hands needed to work the tricky curves of boat surfaces. The name will look distorted if done by someone lacking proper experience.
  • Can work in inclement weather.
  • Can turn around jobs in one week or even one day. If you’re in the harbor for a limited time, we will do the job while you’re here or send it to the next port of call.

What are the ways to letter a boat?

Your choices include:

  • Unlimited vinyl color selection to mix or match your paint colors
  • 22K gold-leaf films
  • Gilded 23K gold-leaf with hand-painted detailing
  • Hand lettering and hand-painted illustrations
  • Hand-carved quarterboards
  • Commercial markings
  • Digitally printed illustrations
  • Marine graphics

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Or call 508-746-9200 to talk about your boat lettering project.


We’ve done business with Zebra for over ten years. When we bought our boat, there was no question on who we would choose to sign it… Not only did Zebra have the expertise to guide us in choosing the right materials, but they had the ‘eye for design’ that was second to none. Zebra Visuals will help you bring your boat name to life!
It is a pleasure to work with someone who is so knowledgeable in the field. Paul always suggests state-of-the-art techniques and materials that we would never have thought to use.
Paul and his staff were very easy to work with. They met all of our deadlines and produced work that delighted our clients.

Cheryl Teebagy
Plymouth, MA