Hanging Signs and Blade Signs

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Hanging Signs

A hanging sign or blade sign is a two-sided sign, viewable from the front and back, that projects away or down from a flat surface.

Zebra Visuals designs, manufactures, and places hanging signs that tell the public where you are and how to get there.

Blade/Hanging sign for Court Street Bistro Restaurant, Plymouth MA

What makes an eye-catching hanging sign?

An expertly designed hanging sign should:

  • Support your brand and identity. Its design can be modern and crisp, antique and classic, fun and whimsical, traditional and serious, feminine or masculine, or any other characteristic that attracts your business and unique customer base
  • Serve as a wayfinder or directional right to your doorstep
  • Stand up to the sun and harsh UV rays
  • Withstand high winds, which is especially important in coastal regions. We construct signs with extra weight and strong brackets that swing freely in high winds.

Who uses hanging signs?

  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Schools and churches
  • Hair salons
  • Doctor offices, hospitals, and medical buildings
  • Residential developers
  • Commercial developers
  • Homeowners

What kinds of hanging signs do you offer?

  • Aluminum, PVC, composite, plywood, and acrylic
  • High-density urethane (HDU) with MDO plywood cores (for strength)
  • Mahogany and natural materials
  • Extensive assortment of standard brackets or custom designed metalwork
  • Hand carved, hand lettered, vinyl, or digitally printed graphics

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Or call 508-746-9200 to discuss your hanging sign needs. We can discuss your strategy and purpose, perform a site survey, and create a sign that draws visitors to your business or establishment.