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Our Services

Zebra Visuals is a full-service sign designer and installer. Our services include:
  • Design

    We advise on optimal color, size, style, materials, and readability. For example, what colors look good under fluorescent lights? What materials pop on a busy street? What style befits a French bistro versus a sandwich shop?

  • Fabrication

    We partner with a team of skilled craftspeople to build your signs at the highest quality. Quality control and customer satisfaction are ensured.

  • Permitting

    We have decades of experience working with municipal planning boards and historic commissions in Southeastern Massachusetts. We can work within any restrictions on size, color, materials, or other factors.

  • Installation

    Once your sign is perfect, we install it correctly. We survey each site and locate all utilities to determine exact placement. Finally we clean and restore the site to its original condition.

  • Project Management

    If needed, we can guide you through the process start to finish and coordinate with any third parties, such as landlords, developers, or city and town officials.

What it's like to work with us

Project Begins

Step 1: Planning

A solid plan is essential for a successful project. We start by hearing about your business, goals, and rough ideas. Then we conduct a site survey and, if applicable, review local zoning laws. We will discuss options within your budget and provide a cost estimate.

Step 2: Design

After you decide to work with us, we sketch several designs to give you choices and help you visualize what the sign will look like onsite. We can design completely from scratch, work with your existing logo, or use your own print-ready files if you have your own designer. Then we finalize the cost.

Approval of Design

Step 3: Fabrication

It’s time to cut, bend, carve, paint, hammer, and fuse. Our fabricators and tradespeople are highly skilled and use top-quality materials.

Step 4: Installation

Noah installing gold boat letteringWe pull any needed permits and, finally, settle your sign into place. Our aim is to minimize disruption to the site and leave it the way we found it.
Project Completion