Signs 101: Boat Lettering

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We all like the warm summer days where we can go to the beach and dip a toe into the water, or the fishermen who walk along the canal catching cod. For some of us though it means we can tilt the motor down and go for a small trip around the bay.

However, there are a couple of important things you need to do before you go for that first spin in your boat. That is to make sure that your vessel is legally allowed in the water.

Firstly, you will want to make sure that your boat is either registered with the state or documented with the coast guard.

The former means that you have registered your vessel with the state so you can travel within it. If you do go out of state, you can only stay there for a limited time before returning. To have your vessel registered, means that you will be issued MS letters (at least here in Massachusetts).

However, having your vessel documented with the coast guard means you can travel the high seas. You can weigh anchor in Plymouth MA and travel down to Daytona Beach FL and soak up those rays. But before you can set sail, you will need to make sure that your vessel has been documented with the coast guard and the vessels name and hail port are clear on the transom.

Now we get to the fun game of naming our boat. Some people name it after a beloved pet or someone that was close to them. Others think of water puns. Below are the top 5 names for boats in America.

  1. Seas The Day
  2. Nauti Buoy
  3. Aquaholic
  4. Dream Weaver
  5. Pegasus

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