Signs 101: Office Interior Signage

It’s your Monday morning meeting. Your brain hasn’t completely switched on till you have had your second cup of coffee. You are only halfway through the first mug when your boss looks at you and asks for you to come up with a way to make the office look more “corporate”. You nod like you know what to do, but you are silently screaming what does that even mean?

Well, before you go painting the walls a different shade of grey (and believe me, I know how many there are), why not try putting your logo behind the reception desk? Not only will it look stunning, but it certainly will be a talking point with your clients. Your office doesn’t have a reception? Try a logo in the conference room.

The logo could be made out of vinyl for a flat against the wall look, acrylic letters for a 3 dimensional look or even a sand blasted glass panel. There are many different styles available in different price brackets.

Please call, email or leave a request via our website. A member of our friendly staff will help you make the right choice. Your boss will thank you for the new look.

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